About Liberica Homes

Liberica Homes is a group of committed and talented people who focuses on House design, build, remodel, renovate, sell, and manage, with a high taste of artistic design, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technology.

We start with understanding what future house you want and desire. We help you to re-imagine and put the imagination into reality. And even more!

We care deeply about the planet and the environment. Our design is based on the Green Living principle which we carefully consider. Therefore, it is not only beauty and elegance, but also quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Liberica Homes is where Architecture meets Green Technology.


We implement Solar Energy, Smart Home, Smart Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Asset Management, Customer Care, and many more. We never stop innovating!

Liberica Homes, Liberation of Creativity and Innovation.

Why Choose Liberica Homes?

Because we are your solution!

Ushering you to the new era of living, we only work with the best Architects, Designers, and Contractors, and use only high-quality materials, sophisticated technology, and appliances to support your new way of life.


From us, you get a complete, furnished, functional, beautiful, and comfortable house, And guaranteed!

Liberica Homes creates a house that is really You!

Liberation of Creativity

& Innovation


Smart & elegant design, beautiful, functional, and comfortable 

We understand deeply about designing and building comfortable homes. It is a combination of smart concept, art, beauty, and ingenuity. We re-imagine those aspects and project them into reality.

Liberica Homes. Absolute Beauty & Comfort! A true Living Liberation.

Inside Liberica Homes



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Executive Advisor

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Smart Home Technology


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