Advanced SOLAR BATTERY Technology

We strongly believe that the future of energy sources for households, compounds, and even an entire city, are the renewable ones. One is, Solar Energy. It is clean, renewable, and abundance. And we have the technology to harness it, convert it to electricity; with Solar Panels or Photovoltaics.


And we also strongly believe that the future in harnessing Solar Power is Self-Sustaining and Self-Sufficient, which means storing it during the day and reuse it for the night time. For this, we need battery. Not just any battery. We need some more advance!

Liberica Homes was built upon our innovative spirits. Since the beginning we never deterred from keeping our commitment to only design and build houses and other types of buildings with Green Technology available today, i.e. Solar Panels. Since then we have pushed our determination further. Not only ON-GRID, we are now able to implement the HYBRID and OFF-GRID solutions, using the next-generation solar energy storage technology or Solar Battery from BARAN-ENERGY.


Liberica Homes is now partnering with Aldebaran Rekayasa Cipta or BARAN-ENERGY to implement their Solar Battery Technology Solutions into our products.

BARAN produces Li-ion batteries with years of research and development to formulate the most efficient way and configuration in storing the optimum amount of energy from Solar Panels. With BARAN, we are now able to build houses that can be totally energy self-sustaining and self-sufficient.

The efficiency and sophistication of their product design provides flexibility and scalability. So it is not just for a single house, with BARAN Battery technology we can store and supply electricity for a group of houses, a big cluster, and even an island and power plant.


The Future is... Right HERE!



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