Current Projects

Lavanya Hills




We are very proud to announce the development and completion of our new houses.

We have our best people of architects, designers, and contractors working very hard to plan and execute the creation of our pride and joy.

Our Green Living philosophy drives us to design environmentally-friendly houses from the ground up, allowing us to equip the houses with Solar Panels, Smart Home technology, and Clean / Waste Water Treatments. So you will have the most efficient house, sustainable, and making you a person who cares deeply for our planet.

We put so much attention to both the exterior and interior of our creations. Every room, hallway, staircase, corner, are designed and built to beauty and perfection. Also equipped with high-quality appliances to make your life... perfect!

The excitements are overwhelming. We can't wait to let you come in and feel the beauty, elegance, comfort, and all the sophistications our creations can offer. We are looking foreward to usher you to the future of living; Living Liberation.

Please keep visiting us for our next update on the progress.