In 2015 we started our new concept of House Development, which includes Design, Build, Renovate, Remodel, and Sell, we called "Living Liberation", with our first project "Sovereign" in Kemang.

The house was 300 m2 on a 200 m2 land, situated in a Town House, named Sovereign, in Southern Kemang area, in Jakarta. 

The initial value of the house was Rp 7.8 billion. We retouched the house, recoated the floor, repainted the walls, Furnished it will all high-taste designs and materials.

Exactly 30 days later, we sold the house with the offering price of Rp 10.5 billions.

Since then, Liberica Homes was born. And since then we have evolved to adopt more features and technologies to fully realize our Living Liberation concept.