We are moving past our times for ordinary houses. House is no longer just a place for dwelling, shelter from weather, or even an economic symbol to form a social status.

To us, house is more than that. It is the new life style; a symbol of awareness, sophistication, care, and empathy toward other people, environment, and our planet.

We see technology as the answer to bridge us closer to our planet. Some breakthroughs like Solar Panels, is the perfect answer to our energy crisis, and it helps you reducing your house total energy spending, significantly.


Energy consumptions can also be made more efficient by applying more controls on your electrical appliances. This can be answered by The Smart Home technology we adopted in our creations. Using Smart Home, you can regulate and automate the usage of your electrical appliances. Making them more energy efficient, and last longer. Living is made more convenient and comfortable.

Aside from Solar Energy and Smart Home, we adopt other technologies that we consider as standard in our creations; they are Clean Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment. 


Liberica Homes never stops innovating.