Living is having a new definition. It is not only about style, location, or access. It is now about Art, Design, Elegance, Beauty, Comfort, Quality, and Functionality. It is also about Tranquility, Peacefulness, Serenity, and most importantly, it is about You.


We are Introducing The Essence, our most sublime creation that truly projects the new living concept. The Essence captures the most fundamentals and essentials living philosophy of ZEN, through Simplicity, Naturalness, Subtlety, Stillness, and Austerity.


We understand you are looking for a pure gem, flawless emerald, solid gold, or diamond that shines. The Essence was designed and built by our finest artists. It encapsulates the highest quality of every aspect. 


The Essence is about you. Because you deserve our highest attention.

You deserve our masterpiece, THE ESSENCE of Zen.

Front View
Front View

Unique design, efficient, elegant.

Sloping Front Yard
Sloping Front Yard

Asymmetric and iconic facade.

The Sign
The Sign

Front View
Front View

Unique design, efficient, elegant.


This project is under negotiation.

Location is Undisclosed.

In collaboration with Andramatin Architect, JSkye, Schneider Electric, GROHE.

Specification & Zones:

  • Land area (Luas Tanah): 417 m2

  • Floor area (Luas Bangunan): 440 m2

  • Bedrooms: 3 + 2

  • Guest / Study Room: 1

  • Bathrooms: 3+1

  • Car garage: 2 cars in parallel

  • Car Port: 2 cars in parallel

  • Living room: 1

  • Dining Room: 1

  • Kitchen: 2

  • Outdoor kitchen: 1

  • Swimming Pool: 1

  • Elevator: 1

  • Porch: 2 (Front and dining area)

  • Rooftop open deck

  • Green area: 30%

  • Surrounded by green walls.



  • Electricity: ~ 13.000 Watt

  • Master Bedroom: Furnished

  • Living Room: Furnished

  • Kitchen: Furnished + appliances

  • AC ready

  • Internet Ready

  • Cable TV Ready

  • Security System (Alarm System) Ready

  • Solar Panels for electricity (up to 6,000 watt)

  • SMART HOME Technology (Centralized and wireless electrical controls)

  • GROHE faucets (the world best for sanitary products)

  • Water Treatment


1 YEAR Warranty.

1 YEAR FREE Customer Care Services.

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